What is Picstagram?


          Picstagram is a unique social networking website that will soon offer the users a chance to earn while enjoying the familiar passion of social networking. Our research and development team continue to deliver features that we believe is essential to our users and investors.




            Late 2015 when we started doing the conceptualization, inspired by the success stories of some start-up companies on how they developed and manage to turn their passion into a multi-billion dollar business. Being said, on their stories, they showed and educate all who wanted do the same, on what they experienced and what did they do to manage out of the difficulties and turn things into perspective.



Simple Concept. Big Result.


            Our strategy is very straight forward and simple, Develop Picstagram, create a sub-business which in time generate income to self-sustain the operational expenditures of the company. This will also give additional source of income to all Picstagram Investors.




Selfieholic is a automated touch screen photo-booth that we created and design to cater company or personal events. This is where the investor’s earning comes.  10% of the company earnings will be divided into number of shares. Some of our clients are Boss, ABN AMRO, GEA, Tabeer Tourism, Canoo Group, Fun First Nursery, Cayan Group, Jebel Ali Primary School, Dubai Dry Docks, Sri-Lanka Lions, Sampath Bank, SCOW, G.E Healthcare, and more. Arabic Wedding, Birthdays, Engagements etch.





iPilipinas.com is another Picstagram Project where we manage to secure a 5 hectare farm lot in Pancol Palawan. A 8,000 square meter entrance lot along provincial highway going to Puerto Princesa and El Nido Palawan. The project is about to offer a private resort to those who wanted to unwind and explore the beauty of the province. The project is not yet started and will wait for the notice of the Provincial Government of Palawan until the land transfer and title transfer is lifted. This is another source of income to all investors of Picstagram, in which 10% of the earning will be divided into number of shares.


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